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Beyond Fantasyland: Conversations on Sex, Politics & Religion

Kent Krabill

I think the best way to share my own story is by hearing the stories of others who led me to the place I am today. I lived in the magical thinking world for decades and have seen where that belief system leads. I escaped fantasyland by listening to others talk about these topics and by following the trail of the evidence. I want to continue that experience for the listeners. I want to hear the stories of people who know, who worked their way out of fantasyland by following the evidence wherever it led. And I want to do this on every issue. So I will talk to people who are experts on a topic and thus have a solid foundation to share reality in their particular area.Each episode of Beyond Fantasyland will explore a topic with a guest who has experience in that particular area. We will discuss fantasy versus reality, having faith versus following the evidence, and hopefully, help people discover why living in fantasyland is no longer the best option. In other words, we will apply the scientific method and learn what lies Beyond Fantasyland in that area. Truthiness won’t suffice. The moment the discussion slips into fantasyland (claiming fantasy is reality with no evidence), I will ask for evidence. You get the idea.